LYNX Review

Established in 2006, LYNX is an introducing stockbroker of Interactive Brokers (IB) based in the Netherlands. 

This means that your deposited funds will be supported by IB, but fees are charged by LYNX.

Lynx supports the use of IB’s trading platforms and is considered safe due to its supervision by top-tier financial regulators.

The broker is recommended for any European trader that is seeking low stock and ETF fees and a great mobile trading platform.

Pros and cons


LYNX‘s market and product range are outstanding, and grant you access to the relevant global and also to certain local European exchanges. Its stock and ETF trading fees are minimal, and the mobile trading platform is also exceptional.

LYNX deposit and withdrawal options are somehow limited, as you can only use bank transfers. There is a high minimum deposit of €3,000 applicable, and the desktop trading platform is not overly easy-to-use. 

  • Broad range of markets and products
  • Stock and ETF trading fees are low
  • Outstanding mobile platform
  • Deposit and withdrawal options are limited
  • €3.000 minimum deposit
  • Desktop trading platform is not overly easy-to-use

Main features

Country of regulation

Netherlands, UK, USA

Withdrawal fee

0 for the first transfer of every month. Subsequent withdrawals incur an 8 fee

Products offered

Stock, ETF, Forex, Fund, Bond, Options, Futures, CFD, Crypto

Minimum deposit


Deposit with credit card or electronic wallet

Not available

Deposit method

Bank Transfer

Inactivity fee


Number of base currencies supported


Demo account

Available after opening live account



We have ranked LYNX’s rates as low, medium or high based on how they compare to all rated brokers & banks. To get things started, let’s talk some terms related to the rates. What you should pay attention to are trading fees and the non-trading fees.

Trading fees are calculated when you trade. These can be commissions, spreads, funding rates and / or conversion costs. Non-trading costs include costs that are not directly related to trading, such as withdrawal costs or inactivity fees.

In the sections below you will find the most significant fees from LYNX for each asset class. In the case of investing in shares, for example, commissions are the most important fees.

LYNX Rates
Assets Cost level Cost terms
US stock Low Up to 2,000 shares: $0.01 per share; from 2,000 shares: $0.005 per share. Min $5, max 2% of the transaction
EUR/USD Average 0.4 bps of trade value; min $4
Mutual fund Low 0.1% of trade value; min €6, max €45
Apple stock option Low Called ‘platform cost; €5 per month
LYNX Rates
Product Rates
Exchange fee EUR / USD 100,000 with purchase / sale € 4,00
No spread markups
Fixed costs per month
Account value and transactions
10K & no transaction € 5,00
10K & stock transaction Free
100K & no transaction Free
Other costs and services
Execution cost European stock options Free
Costs of shortage Free
Costs of optional dividend Gratis
Education program Available

* Maximum order size at DEGIRO is € 250,000, therefore twice the maximum of € 30.00

** Purchase 1,000 US shares at $ 10.00

*** Purchase of 10,000 US shares at $ 10.00

**** Platform rate

LYNX Rates
Products Rates
Share option Shell € 0.79
AEX index option € 0.99
Apple stock option $ 2.40
Airbus stock € 6.500 € 6,00
Philips stock € 10.000 € 6,00
ASML stock € 500.000 € 45,00
250 stocks Canopy Growth Corp. (CAD 16.900) CAD 5,00
US stocks
Transaction amount $ 10.000 **
Transaction costs $ 10,00
Currency fees $ 4.54
Transaction amount $ 100.000 **
Transaction costs $ 60,00
Currency charges $ 4.00
1 AEX future € 2,50
1 CAC40 future € 2,50
1 Hang Seng future HKD 30,00
American Futures
1 S&P future $ 3,50
Extra scholarship costs No

Account opening

The broker’s webpage does not clearly stipulate from which countries you can open a LYNX account. Localized versions include the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, and Finland.

Though you should be able to open an account from most European countries. International clients will be included through the Dutch entity of LYNX.

LYNX reviews applications on a case-by-case basis for clients outside of Europe. But, if you have any ties to the Netherlands, you will most likely be accepted.

The account opening process is online and easy to launch, but the overall process is sluggish as approval can take up to three (3) days.

Account types


You are the only account owner


There are multiple account owners


A legal entity is the account owner; a minimum investment (or portfolio transfer) of € 20,000 applies.





Account opening

Enter your personal and financial information.

Add info about your trading experience and fill out a questionnaire on your financial knowledge.

Verify your identity and residency. Upload a national ID or passport to verify your identity; bank statements are accepted as proof of residency.

Persons over 18 can open regular (cash) accounts.

To access the amount credited takes three days after the sale of a stock with a cash account.

By industry standards, most securities have a settlement date that falls on the trade date plus two (2) business days (T + 2). Thus, if you sell a stock on Monday, the settlement date will be Wednesday.

Although irrelevant to most investors, margin accounts are usually better for traders.

Deposit and withdrawal

LYNX has a minimum deposit of €10,000 which can only be made by bank transfer. Ensure that the bank account is in your name and that you deposit in the same currency as the base currency of your LYNX account.

Deposits can take up to 4 trading days. However, 1-2 business days seems to be the norm. To deposit in a currency other than EUR, you can request bank details for this deposit at LYNX.

Withdrawals can be made directly from your LYNX portal, the withdrawal does not have to be made to the same account as the deposit, but this bank account must of course also be in your name. You can make a free withdrawal once a month, if you want to make more withdrawals, a fee will be charged.

Trading platform


LYNX Basic

LYNX’s web trading platform is simple and user-friendly though it lacks adaptability and notifications. It has many order types available, transparent fee reports, and two web trading platforms, LYNX Basic & Account Management.

LYNX Basic is LYNX’s proprietary web trading platform, while Account Management is provided by Interactive Brokers which can only be used to transfer money and manage your account.

LYNX Basic is available in English, Dutch, German, French, Czech, Finnish, and Polish.

LYNX Mobile trading platform

The mobile trading platform, provided by Interactive Brokers, is outstanding. It has many engaging features, such as a chatbot, but can be simplified in some areas.

It is available for both Android and iOS, and all options available on the desktop platform are present on the mobile application. Due to its many options, the application can seem complicated at first glimpse.

The mobile trading platform is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Chinese and Japanese.

LYNX Desktop

The desktop platform has advanced features and outstanding customizability. For these reasons, it can seem complicated for inexperienced traders and thus mainly recommended for advanced traders.

Powered by Interactive Brokers, the trading platform can replicate favorable ETFs, offers trading through chatbots, and much more. 

Markets and Products





 LYNX has a very broad range of stocks & ETFs


 LYNX offers a wide variety of currency pairs to trade.


LYNX only offers the possibility to trade in European funds


LYNX offers a wide range of bonds


LYNX has more futures on offer than its competitors.


At LYNX you can only trade stocks and stock index CFDs


LYNX has great coverage for options.


You can invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum through ETN instruments


Trading Ideas

LYNX offers trading ideas under the ‘Analyst Ratings’ tab and you can read recommendations by analysts from major investment banks.


Fundamental data

A wide selection of fundamental data is available. You can consult the financial statements of companies for the past 6 years, a dividend calendar, and a list of comparable companies, to name a few.


Card functions are almost endless at LYNX. There are more than 100 technical indicators, but like the desktop trading platform, the chart tool requires some trading experience.

News feed

The news feed is great. Information is provided by leading news agencies such as Reuters and you can filter based on companies, topics, and many other criteria.

Other tools

A wide variety of other research tools are available for example the Market Scanner, where you can filter stocks by various criteria such as sector, price, volume, etc. You can also use this tool for other asset classes such as bonds, futures or CFDs.

Customer service can be reached via email, chat, and telephone from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm (GMT + 1).

The live chat is available on the local websites for Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia, and Switzerland. Upon testing the Dutch site, response times were fast, but relevance to the answers was low, while automated responses from the chatbot, refer to Investopedia articles.

Phone support is quick with relevant answers and Email responses generally take one business day with answers to questions also being relevant.

Safety and Regulation

LYNX is supervised by the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). 

LYNX is an introducing broker of Interactive Brokers which means that Interactive Brokers will hold your assets (both cash and securities). Thus, In the unexpected event that LYNX defaults, your assets will remain with Interactive Brokers.

The broker also offers negative balance protection for forex spot and CFD trading, but only for retail clients from the European Union. Professional and non-EU customers are not covered for negative balance protection.


Started in 1978, Interactive Brokers has survived many economic crises. IB is available on the NASDAQ, which increases transparency as it has to publish financial statements on a regular basis.

Though, only a limited amount of financial and management information is available on LYNX itself, which is not ideal.

Still, being supervised by top-tier financial regulators and an introducing broker from a solid and reputable company are all great indicators of LYNX’s safety.

  • High level of investor protection
  • Negative balance protection
  • Majority of clients belong to a top-class financial regulator
  • Not available on the stock exchange
  • Financial information is not available to the public
  • Does not hold any banking license

Bottom Line

LYNX has minimal equity and ETF trading fees, an outstanding mobile trading platform, and offers a broad variety of markets and products.

Deposit and withdrawal options are limited to bank transfers. The minimum deposit of € 10,000 is costly and the desktop platform is rather complicated for most users.

If you are a European client seeking low equity and ETF trading costs and a good mobile trading platform, feel free to give LYNX a try.