Rabobank Review

The Rabobank Group was founded in 1972 through a merger of the Coöperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Bank and Coöperatieve Centrale Boerenleenbank. And since 1980, the bank has only been known as Rabobank. Rabobank is one of the 3 main banks in the Netherlands and consists of 139 independent affiliated banks, of which Rabobank Nederland is the central cooperative.

Rabobank provides numerous services for investors. The bank offers asset management with Rabobank. Rabobank will then take over the management of your assets. You can choose managed investment basic (from € 1000) managed investment active (from € 10,000) and active sustainable (from € 10,000). With managed investment basis, investments are entirely made in index funds. In managed investment active (sustainable) investments are made in investment funds and index trackers.

Investors who want to invest themselves can choose Rabobank Self-Investing. You then put together your own portfolio and you do the stock exchange transactions independently.

Pros and cons 

Rabobank‘s trading platform is simple and provides only a few functionalities. For information such as news and company profiles, you will be linked to rabobeursinfo.nl. The trading platform is user-friendly and focuses mainly at making transactions. Analysis possibilities and tools are there, but they are not the main focus. The investment account is directly linked to your (mandatory) payment account in the online overview. 

Rabo Zelf Beleggen is therefore particularly suitable for investors who are seeking convenience and who want to have all financial matters under one roof.  However, Rabobank’s trading platform is not designed for day trading due to the lack of trading and analysis options.  The product range is also limited. 

  • User-friendly trading platform
  • Analyst tools are available
  • Wide product portfolio
  • Trading platform offers only a few features
  • Product range is limited
  • Trading costs are relatively high

Main features

Country of regulation


Trading cost class


Products offered

Stocks, ETFs, Funds

Minimum deposit


Deposit with bank card


Depositing with electronic wallet


Time to open an account

1 day

Number of base currencies supported


Demo account provided



We ranked Rabobank’s costs levels as minimal, average or high based on how they compare to those all reviewed brokers.  The costs of Rabobank self-investing basis depend on your trading preference and the products you choose.  Use your comparison module and estimate the costs for you situation.

In the sections below, you will find the most relevant costs of Rabobank for each asset class.  For example, in the case of stock investing, commissions are the most important costs.  To have a clear overview of Rabobank, let’s begin with trading costs.

  • Great Research
  • Decent product portfolio
  • No inactivity fee
  • Trading costs are high
  • Do not lend securities

Rabobank Self Investments

Basic Services Minimum: €5
Up to:  €100,000: 0.06%
More than:  €100,000: 0.03%
Maximum:  €100
Above average invested amount per quarter
Bonds (incl. Rabobank certificates) € 5 + 0.05% above market value
(A maximum of € 150 payable)
Equities and structured products
Domestic (EuroNext Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris) € 5 + 0,05%
(A maximum € 150 payable)
International (Europe, US & Canada) € 5 + 0,1% above market value
International (All others)* € 35 + 0,4% above market value
Mutual funds** 0,1% above market value (w/ minimum of €0,05 and maximum of €150

Additional Services 

Trader Monitor €10 per quarter
Transactions via Rabo Investor Line A surcharge of €10 per order
Transactions via local bank**** A surcharge of €25 per order
Paper Securities notes €2,25 per quarter
Paper periodic statements €0,75 per quarter
Remote voting €1,50 per quarter
Fees in investment products In most cases between 0.1% and
1.5%***** over the invested assets in funds on an annual basis (depending on the funds you

Rabobank Self Investments (continued)

Options EuroNext Amsterdam & Brussels*** € 2,25 per contract
Currency charges Subscriptions: €1,50 per quarter
Foreign Exchange:  0.25% per gross transaction
Management Acts and emissions
Management Fees Payment of Dividends:  € 0,25 + 0.5%  above market value (w/ maximum of €100)
Acquisitions & Conversions:  €10
Bonds & Product Redemptions: € 7 + 0.1% above market value (w/ a maximum of €150)
Issue Subscription € 7 + 0.1% above market value (w/ maximum of €150)
Receipts and deliveries
Domestic €22,50 per investment product
International €50 per investment product

Transactional Discounts

Transaction fees charged last 4 quarters Discount for the current quarter
Up to €500
Up to €1,500
Up to €2,000
Up to €4,000
Over €4,000

Account Opening

The account opening is fully online, easy-to-use and available in most countries in Europe.  On the other hand, the minimum deposit is rather high and account authentication can take longer.

Rabobank accepts clients from all over the world with some exceptions.

Rabobank’s opening of account is quick and fully online.  Signing up online only takes 10-15 minutes, however the account authorization process is a bit sluggish.  Our account was only authorized after three business days.

  • Fully online
  • Easy-to-use
  • Available in most European countries
  • Lowest deposit is costly in certain countries

Account types


Rabobank provides three account types for the Dutch residents (account types may differ in other countries):

Managed investment basic

From € 1000

Managed investment active

From € 10,000

Managed sustainable

From € 10,000

Account opening

Online application

Approval process 


The account opening process is fast and fully online. Signing up online only takes 10-15 minutes, however the account authorization process is a bit sluggish. Our account was only authorized after three business days.

Deposit and withdrawal

Rabobank’s deposit fees are costly.  To deposit funds, you can make a bank transfer or use credit/debit cards, however electronic electronic wallets are not available.  Credit/debit card withdrawal is not available in certain countries, check Rabobank’s website for a completed list.

 To test the process of depositing funds, we sent money from our Revolut account and it arrived instantly.

Credit/debit card payment should be instant as well, but bank transfers can take a few business days.

Please note that you can only deposit money from accounts that are in your name.

We were glad to see that withdrawal is free of charge.  You can only use bank transfers for withdrawal, similarly to Rabobank’s competitors.

We tested withdrawal through bank transfer and it took 1 business day.  You can only withdraw money to accounts in your name.

Trading platform

Web Trading Platform

The Rabobank Self-Investing Basic trading platform is suitable for investors looking for convenience and wanting everything under one roof.

The product range is limited, but a lot of information is available for the available funds and shares on which to base investment choices.

The combination of free trading in investment funds and good information about available funds makes Rabobank’s Self-Investing Basic very suitable for fund investors. The platform is also suitable for investors in Dutch equities.


Mobile trading platform

Rabobank’s mobile platform has the same look and feel as the web platform.

 Rabobank’s mobile trading platform has both IOS and Android versions.  In this review, we tested it on Android.  

 The platform is available in the same languages and has the same features, order types and alerts as the web trading platform.  It offers a two-step verification.

 When it comes to the web trading platform, the user-friendliness has room for improvement.  We enjoyed the modern design but were a little disappointed by the menu structure, which was confusing and sometimes made it hard to find what we were looking for.


Desktop trading platform

Rabobank doe snot provide a desktop trading platform

Markets and Products




Stocks and ETFs

Clients have access to a broad range of stock markets and Dutch stock markets.  You can trade on major markets, such as US stock exchanges or Deutsche Borse, and on smaller markets such as the Prague Stock Exchange or the Warsaw Stock Exchange.



Similarly to options, Rabobank’s Bank covers a lot of futures markets.

With Rabobank, you can trade futures on the following underlying asset types:  commodity, stock, index, bond and currency.



Mutual funds were only recently added to Rabobank’s product portfolio.  The number of available mutual funds lags behind competitors, especially Swissquote. 



The number of options available at Rabobank is high.  You can trade on major stock exchanges such as a CBOE or Euronext, but you will also find lesser-known ones such as the SEHK.



Trading Opportunities

Products: Shares, Mutual Funds, Certificates, Leveraged Products, Index Trackers, Bonds, Options, Claims / Rights / Issues.

Number of Scholarships: With roughly 20 scholarships on offer, you will have access to all major scholarships.

 entry: The order entry screen is quite basic, but easy-to-use. You have access to a real time order book of 5 levels with bid and offer prices for Dutch shares. Prices for other (foreign) securities have been delayed by 15 minutes.

Order Types: 4 Order Types – Limit, Market, Stop Loss, Stop Limit.

Fundamental analysis

There are many options for fundamental analysis. A sizable profile is available for multiple stocks with news, an agenda, advice and key figures. Realized operating results such as revenue, net profit and earnings per share are shown. You can also find derivative products such as options and turbos directly here. However, all this information is not available on the trading platform itself, but is shown on rabobeursinfo.nl. Stocks are available here by index or country, but there is no search feature to find stocks directly.

Fund selection tool

For the selection of funds or ETFs, Rabobank offers the Fund Selector, with which you can compare and choose funds or ETFs based on a number of criteria. You can select funds and ETFs based on region, provider, dividend payment, sustainability, asset / liability and Rabobank or Morningstar Rating.

Analyst advice

In the company profile of a share, you can find all analyst advice and price targets via the ‘Opinion’ tab.

Other research tools

Agenda: Rabobeursinfo.nl has an agenda for the coming days with the most important items.

News: A lot of news is published on rabobeursinfo.nl during the trading day.

Trading platform: Investment is directly linked to your checking account and possibly other Rabobank products.

Mobile investing: Android App, iOS App, mobile website


Customer Support

Rabobank’s customer support is available in multiple languages, with phone and email support that work well despite minor issues.  Disadvantages include the lack of live chat and 24/7 availability.


A substantial language selection is available not only on Saxo’s trading platforms but also in client support.  We found even minor languages such as Hungarian among supported languages.


Overall, we found Rabobank’s customer support acceptable.  We received significant answers on the phone, but the connection was slow.  Responses to emails arrived within one day but were not always accurate.


Rabobank’s customer support via phone is available only from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 5:30 pm local time in 16 offices globally.

Bottom line

Rabobank provides a simple trading platform. Although the range is not particularly extensive, Rabobank scores satisfactory on analysis and trading options. 

However, functionalities such as Technical Analysis and Education are missing. 

The fees high, especially for deposits.  There is also a costly minimum deposit for some countries.  Lastly, there is no live chat or 24/7 customer service.  Rabobank Zelf Beleggen is mainly for investors who are looking for convenience and who want to have all financial matters under one roof.