BUX Zero Review

Bux Zero, launched in 2019, caters to Europeans seeking a straightforward investment platform. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it attracted young investors with its clutter-free, mobile-only approach. It’s ideal for those preferring a minimalist app with diverse financial products.

Bux Zero, an investment service, facilitates client orders, acting as an intermediary in stock and ETF transactions. Users consent to share lending through the BUX app, enabling lower costs and commissions. However, this involves minor risks detailed in the “Client Agreement”. Collateral equal to the value of lent instruments is maintained for security.


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Bux Zero is ideal for young, cost-conscious European investors seeking a simple, mobile-only investment platform with a minimalist approach, comfortable with minor risks associated with share lending.


  • Commission-free stock and ETF trading
  • No minimum deposit required
  • No inactivity fees


  • No demo account
  • Small range of fanancial products
  • Limited research tools

Review’s Keypoints

Country of regulation

Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria

Minimum deposit


Time to open an account

3 days

Trading fees class


Deposit with bank card


Number of base currencies supported


Products offered







Depositing with electronic wallet

Not available

Demo account provided

Not available


BUX Zero offers commission-free Zero Orders and €1 limit orders for EU stocks and ETFs. US stocks are traded without commissions. The app aggregates daily orders for late afternoon execution, with safeguards for significant price shifts. Earnings come from a 0.25% FX markup on US stocks and a spread cost in security prices.


  • No commission fees for zero orders


  • Costs for bonds, options and futures are pricey
  • Inactivity costs

BUX Costs


BUX Zero is available in select European countries, offering bank transfer for account funding with special options for Dutch and German residents. The platform ensures a low-cost experience with no fees for withdrawals, allowing seamless fund management for its European clients​


  • Deposit with no charge
  • Withdrawals with no charge
  • No minimum deposit


  • Currency Conversion Fees

Trading Platforms

Mobile Trading Platform

BUX Zero is a mobile-based broker and all trading is done through its mobile trading platform. The BUX Zero application is compatible with iOS and Android (APK) devices for free. Client reviews are generally positive and highlight the easy-to-navigate interface and sleek design.

Web Trading Platform

Desktop Trading Platform


BUX 0 in numbers:


Stocks & ETFs

With Bux, you can build a diversified portfolio by investing in fractions of high-value stocks and ETFs, across a wide range of companies and industries.


The easy and affordable way to invest in bitcoin and other digital currencies. Bux stripped crypto trading from its complexity. With the possibility to invest with zero commission and to buy fractional coins, you can enter the crypto market with 30 euro.


BUX offers CFDs through its sister company BUX X.


Bux offers Spread betting, a form of derivative trading, enabling you to gain exposure to the financial markets without owning the underlying asset.


BUX Zero's platform is designed with simplicity in mind, which extends to its research tools. While it offers basic functionalities like a dividend calendar and a customizable news feed, it lacks more complex analysis tools that might be sought after by experienced investors

Trading Ideas

You can swap trading ideas and discover what drives the company's community on all Bux platforms where traders of all levels and countries meet and connect

News Feed

Educational videos and news articles are available where you will learn from leading experts in the industry to help you get started with investing

Other Research Tools

A community forum is available to all users and ambassadors to discuss investing, trading, product improvements, and company developments. The forum can be a resourceful tool to learn and become better at trading or investing


BUX Zero, regulated by the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM), offers a secure trading environment. Client funds are protected under two schemes: the Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS) ensures up to €100,000 in case of ABN AMRO Clearing Bank N.V.’s bankruptcy, and the Investor Compensation Scheme (ICS) covers up to €20,000 of your investments if BUX B.V. faces insolvency.

For added security, cash and assets are held separately. Your account balance is with ABN Clearing Bank, while a Dutch foundation called BUX Custody safeguards your financial instruments. This arrangement underscores BUX Zero’s commitment to client asset safety

Bottom Line

BUX Zero is a mobile-only, commission-free stock, ETF, and crypto trading app that caters primarily to less-experienced traders. The platform is known for its simplicity and ease of use, but this simplicity means it lacks advanced analysis tools and features.


BUX Zero is available to clients in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain, which limits its client base to these European countries​