Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the costs of investing?

As an investor you pay two types of costs: direct and indirect costs. The direct costs can often be found in the cost overview or bank statement of your account, for example transaction costs. The more you trade, the more transaction fees you pay. The indirect costs are hidden in the products of your portfolio. Your costs are calculated based on your trading profile. We include all costs, including those that are not immediately visible, such as currency costs.

Is the cheapest broker the best broker?

The cheapest option is not the best for everyone. It also depends on your wishes, such as your need for specific tools or information provision. You will find all your wishes and details per provider and can thus find the platform that is best suited for you. By choosing a platform that suits you as an investor, it is more likely that you will achieve the desired end result.

What are the risks of investing?

The risks of investing yourself depend on how you want to invest. A fund investor spreads the risks by using funds or trackers. An equity investor runs a specific risk per share and must himself ensure diversification over shares and stock markets. You are responsible for ensuring that the risks you take are in line with your objective. You compile a portfolio yourself and keep it up to date. Would you rather not? Then asset management is a safer option. In this case, the asset manager will do it for you.

I cannot find a certain broker on brokersanalyst, how come?

All European brokers are included in our comparison. You may have too many filters on or the party may not offer services for your chosen stake or trading profile. Can’t find the party after all? Let us know the name of the broker on

Is the service of Brokersanalyst 100% free?

All services of Brokersanalyst are free of charge and without obligation. So you are not committed to anything and are under no obligation.

Do you also compare funds?

We compare asset managers, brokers and fund platforms. These parties are registered with the AFM as investment firms. We do not compare investment products such as funds. It is our goal to allow you to choose between the different service providers. The choice from the different investment funds is ultimately up to you or the asset manager. If a party offers different investment funds, we will include the fund in the comparison that corresponds to the risk profile you specified (defensive, neutral, offensive).