Review Rabobank

Rabobank, established in 1972 in the Netherlands through a merger and known solely as Rabobank since 1980, is one of the top three banks in the country. It comprises 139 independent banks with Rabobank Nederland as the central cooperative. For investors, Rabobank offers various asset management services, including managed investment options starting from €1,000 and self-investing for those preferring to manage their own portfolios and stock transactions independently.


Recommended to;

Rabobank is recommended for investors looking for a range of asset management services, including both managed investment options and self-directed investing for independent portfolio management.


  • User-friendly trading platform
  • Analyst tools are available
  • Wide product portfolio


  • Trading platform offers only a few features
  • Trading costs are relatively high

Review’s Keypoints

Country of regulation


Minimum deposit


Time to open an account

1-3 days

Trading fees class


Deposit with bank card


Number of base currencies supported


Products offered




Depositing with electronic wallet


Demo account provided

Not available


Rabobank’s trading costs vary depending on the chosen products and individual trading preferences. For each asset class, such as stocks, specific costs like commissions play a significant role. It’s important for users to utilize Rabobank’s comparison tools to accurately estimate costs based on their unique trading situations and preferences. This approach helps in getting a clear and personalized understanding of the expenses involved with trading at Rabobank.


  • Great Research
  • Decent product portfolio
  • No inactivity fee


  • Trading costs are high
  • Do not lend securities

Rabobank Costs


Rabobank charges high fees for deposits, offering bank transfers and credit/debit card payments, but not electronic wallets. Transactions are swift, especially for credit/debit cards. Deposits must be made from accounts held in your name. For specific country availability and further details, refer to Rabobank’s website.



Trading Platforms

Web Trading Platform

Rabobank's Self-Investing Basic platform is ideal for investors seeking convenience and a comprehensive service. While the product range is limited, it provides extensive information on the available funds and shares, aiding in investment decisions. This platform is particularly beneficial for those interested in investing in funds and Dutch equities, offering free trading in investment funds along with valuable insights about them

Mobile Trading Platform

Rabobank's mobile trading platform mirrors its web counterpart in design and functionality, available for both iOS and Android. The platform maintains consistency in languages, features, order types, and alerts across both versions and includes two-step verification. However, while the web platform's modern design is commendable, its menu structure can be confusing, sometimes making navigation and finding specific information challenging.

Desktop Trading Platform


Rabobank in Numbers:


Stocks and ETFs

Clients have access to a broad range of stock markets and Dutch stock markets. You can trade on major markets, such as US stock exchanges or Deutsche Borse, and on smaller markets such as the Prague Stock Exchange or the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


Similarly to options, Rabobank’s Bank covers a lot of futures markets.
With Rabobank, you can trade futures on the following underlying asset types: commodity, stock, index, bond and currency.


Mutual funds were only recently added to Rabobank’s product portfolio. The number of available mutual funds lags behind competitors, especially Swissquote.


The number of options available at Rabobank is high. You can trade on major stock exchanges such as a CBOE or Euronext, but you will also find lesser-known ones such as the SEHK.


Trading Opportunities

Rabobank offers a range of products including shares, mutual funds, bonds, options, and more, with access to about 20 global exchanges. Its order entry interface is basic yet user-friendly, featuring a real-time order book for Dutch shares and delayed prices for other securities. The platform supports four order types: Limit, Market, Stop Loss, and Stop Limit.

Fundamental Analysis

Rabobank provides comprehensive fundamental analysis for stocks, including profiles, news, and financial data. While the trading platform itself doesn't offer this information, it's available on, where stocks are organized by index or country but lack a direct search feature for finding specific stocks.

Fund Selection Tool

Rabobank's Fund Selector tool helps users compare and choose funds or ETFs based on various criteria like region, provider, dividend payment, sustainability, and ratings from Rabobank or Morningstar. This feature aids in making informed decisions for fund and ETF selection.

Analyst advice

In the company profile of a share, you can find all analyst advice and price targets via the ‘Opinion’ tab.


Rabobank operates under strict compliance with a range of financial regulations and directives, including the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD). These regulations ensure the bank maintains high standards of integrity and ethical practices in its financial operations.

Bottom Line

Rabobank provides a simple trading platform. Although the range is not particularly extensive, Rabobank scores satisfactory on analysis and trading options. 

However, functionalities such as Technical Analysis and Education are missing. 

The fees high, especially for deposits.  There is also a costly minimum deposit for some countries.  Lastly, there is no live chat or 24/7 customer service.  Rabobank Zelf Beleggen is mainly for investors who are looking for convenience and who want to have all financial matters under one roof.