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In 2017, we embarked on a mission to change the world of finance by making it less complex and more straightforward for all types of investors. To make this happen, it was necessary to experience the world of finance ourselves and become a client of virtually every broker out there. 

We accomplished this goal by investing our own money and battling to compare costs and understand the terms of every broker. Now we know the brokers and want to share the knowledge. Today, we strongly believe that investing should be straightforward and carefree for anyone who seeks to set foot in the industry.

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Our passionate team of financial experts with 15+ years of experience aked the corrent and complicated questions so that you don’t have to. We strongly believe that personal investing should be straightforward. So, thanks to our team of financial experts-we have managed to make broker-choosing so much easier.

We offer Clarity

The benefit from using BrokersAnalyst.com is to have a better understanding of the broker you wish to invest your hard earned money in. We can assist you If you require more information regarding the brokers in our database, this way you can make the right decision concerning where you will invest your hard earned money.

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With BrokersAnalyst there is plenty to choose from. We trade and invest and meanwhile anonymously test all our reviewed brokers that mostly cover the Italian, Dutch, Belgium and American markets. Furthermore, we keep track of our ratings on a regular basis. 

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With our tool you can compare the main brokers in the industry and find the one that suits you best as a trader. We do not only look at the cost but the complete package.

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